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Gold Star sells Online, out of our physical store in Edinboro, and at over 20 Conventions. All so that we can better serve YOU - both Anime fans and local gamers!

The FIRST & BEST ANIME Specialty Store in N.W. Pennsylvania!

Call us at: 814-734-1890



Mon - OPEN 11:00pm till 11:00pm
Tue - OPEN 11:00pm till 11:00pm
Wed - OPEN 11:00pm till 11:00pm
Thu - OPEN 11:00pm till 11:00pm
Fri - OPEN 11:00pm till 2:00AM
Sat - OPEN Noon till 2:00AM
Sun - OPEN Noon till 11:00pm

We are Located Right on the "MAIN DRAG" (Route 6N) Through Edinboro!
Just about half-way between the I-79 Edinboro Exit, and Downtown Edinboro itself!  North side of the Road - Next to the Garage with the large painting of the Pittsburgh Steelers on the front!

Our Mailing Address is:
Gold Star Anime
5540 West 6N
Edinboro, Pa. 16412


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Gold Star constantly strives to be both a safe, and a very friendly place, for kids and adults of all ages to shop/play together! FAMILIES are always especially welcome here!


*Gold Star* opened in October of 2004, as "Gold Star Asian Products, Inc.", right next door to a 'Game Stop' Store - in the Office Max Plaza located behind the Millcreek Mall.
In November 2006, we moved to 109 Erie St., in Edinboro - Next to John's Wildwood Pizzaria - so we could afford to spend more on carrying a larger inventory of Anime & Japanese Collectables - instead of giving it to the Mall!
We changed our name to 'Gold Star Anime' to reflect our store's focus now on Anime & Japanese Imports!

In January of 2009, we moved into our present location alongside Route 6N, and added a Large Game Room for hosting Tournaments, as well as a much larger Flat Screen TV for the benifit of our Anime Club!  Summer of 2011 has seen more big changes, with the purchase of our large Cargo Van we can bring an even larger selection of merchandise to Conventions, and even travel more easily to many that are further away!

In 2011 we changed our store name to "Gold Star Anime & Games" - to better show that we are now a full-fledged Gaming Store - while remaining the top Anime/Manga source for the Region!
Now we are the largest store of this type anywhere within over 150 miles!

Recently, on February 13th of 2014, we arranged to purchase our stores current building! So we are now in the midst of planning a great many renovations & improvements to make Gold Star an even more fun place to game or just hang out with your friends and family! Since we also gained a second large building which sits behind our current store, we are able to move more of our inventory out of this building, which frees up more space for Anime merchandise, and for gaming! As we continue to improve and grow, I can confidently say that we are the largest US Anime store within 300 - 350 miles! It is about 430 miles from here to New York City. I do not believe that you will find any better selection much closer than there.